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Cigar Favors – Out Of the Ordinary!


Have you ever thought of giving cigar favors at your next party, event or special occasion? Though they may seem to be a relic of a time gone by, cigar favors are actually a very elegant way of showing appreciation for your guest’s friendship and support.


Handing out a quality cigar favor definitely leaves a good impression. The aroma, along with a distinctive cigar label can make for a memorable event. They can be made with your choice of cigars, and you can also opt not to go with customized cigar labels if you wish. The choice is yours.


There are many places online where you can purchase these, and they can be delivered to your door long before the event in question. (Just make sure not to smoke them all!) Can you think of the last time you were at an event that gave out cigar favors? I thought not!


Quality cigar favors can make your occasion (as well as you in particular!) very popular indeed.

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